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Str1ker878's Profile Picture
Pavel Vasil'ev
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there! I'm Str1ker878, an independent artist and chief editor for the True_Line's translators division. Welcome to my dA profile page!

You can reach me out in...
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte well as in...
Messengers: Telegram, Skype and WeChat (ID: Str1ker878)
...if you have anything to discuss.

Also, usually available in MLPFiMChatroom for a friendly chat.

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke No Trades by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke
Special thanks to dsp2003 for picture of my OC in profile.
Got tagged by :icongamerpen: to do this "challenge". Frankly, I've never taken part in such activities before, so I though it might be an interesting experience...
Rules of this "challenge" you can find at the end of the journal entry.
And without any further ado, let's get down to it!

Questions I've been asked:

  • 1. What is your favorite game?
I'd pick Deus Ex: The Revision as my personal favourite for this question. I also know & love a lot of other games, but this one is definitely special. I mean, it's Deus Ex, c'mon! Basically, Deus Ex: Revision overhaul mod gives a second chance at life to this old game from early 2000's. It expands existing locations, brings a new (little) bits of story, HD textures and - of course - music revamp (Just listen old-new Hong-Kong theme. It's beautiful!), while at the same time treating the original with due respect.
  • 2. What is your favorite movie?
Definitely Interstate 60. I was thinking to say good'ol BTTF trilogy, but I60 movie actually helped me to make some right calls in my life. And even though BTTF is certainly more entertaining to watch, the point still stands.
  • 3. What is your favorite MLP episode?
Let me think... Season 1, Episodes 1-2. Lauren Faust and her team did an amazing job of putting so many setting details in just two episodes.
  • 4. Favorite song to listen to?
Song? Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Can't beat the classics.

But if one would ask me about 'tracks', then I'd say Andrew Hulshult's cover of famous 'At Doom's Gate'.
  • 5. What do you hate the most in the world?
Injustice. 'nuff said.
  • 6. What snack do you like?
Salty crackers!
  • 7. Where do you live?
Russia, Yekaterinburg. I can say with certainty that dude got lazy here when he was thinking of these questions.
  • 8. What kind of art are you into?
SFW Ponies. Something conceptual sometimes, when I'm getting too lazy to draw propely.
  • 9. Do you have a pet?
I had a cat, but... After some time he just never came back.
  • 10. What do you love most in the world?
It's you, people! You just never ceased to amaze me.
  • 11. How good of a person do you think you are from 1 to 10.
I am... eleven. What kind of question is this?
  • 12. Who is your favorite MLP character?
Discord! Well, before he got "reformed". After that his puns became sorta dull, 'cuz scenarists had their hands tied by his "reformation".
  • 13. Sword or axe?
Sword: Kopis. Basically a knife, but bigger. And I certainly wouldn't go to a gunfight with it...

I'd like to challenge following people to do the same:
:iconpony-berserker: :iconsherwoodwhisper: :icontoxic-mario: :iconrated-r-ponystar: :icontechtalkpony: :icondsana: :iconsirzi:

:iconkaaostonttu: :iconsoulfulmirror: :iconpacificgreen: :iconznegil: :iconhelsaabi: :iconpony-from-everfree: :iconofaifer:

Questions I'd like to ask you people:

  1. Though I'm sure you've been asked that before, say... How'd that happen that you've got into brony-community?
  2. What do you think is your greatest achievement since you've thought of yourself as a brony?
  3. How long are you amongst bronies?
  4. Amongst all your creations, what is the creation you're most proud of?
  5. Follow-up to a previous question: Why are you proud of that particular work? 
  6. Some people say that you have to spend around 10 thousand hours to master the art of drawing. Do you agree with that?
  7. Follow-up to a previous question: If so, how much do you think it took you to create something good?
  8. Where do you usually get your plot (if it's a comic) or art ideas? 
  9. What music do you prefer to listen when you get creative?
  10. Who's your favourite character in the show? That's right, you're not limited just to main cast.
  11. Follow-up to a previous question: What's your favourite thing about her/him/it? In other words, why do you like this character so much?
  12. What advice would you give to a beginning artists?
  13. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? :D

I. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
II. Answer the 13 questions that was asked to you and invent 13 of
questions to the people you tag. 
III. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
IV. You can't say you don't do tags.
V. Tag-backs are allowed
VII. You have to finish within a week after the moment you've been tagged.
VIII. Be creative with the title. (Optional)
IX. Post name of the latest tagger so we can see your answers too.
  • Listening to: Miracle of Sound - Sweet L.A.

Delivering commissioned fanfic translation from Russian to our supporter McDOS!

Synopsis: This is a story about hope of a man to get into Equestria so strong, that the God himself granted an opportunity to a mam to get there. But there's always a catch when you deal with the "higher beings" and this case is no exception: he will have to overcome six challenges and thus prove himself worthy to get into the land of his dreams...

Mirror: GDocs

Support me on .:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEdPatreon to get early access to original comics & translations!
  • Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop


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